Blood Orange in Brandy

This boozy fruit recipe is not quite like the traditional version. No sugar is added. All you have is the blood orange itself, its juice, and a good brandy.

Blood Orange in Brandy

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Simply peel blood orange skin, put the skinned fruit in a sterilized mason jar and fill it up with brandy. Cover the jar with sterilized lid and store it in a cool dark space for at least 2 weeks to get the full brandy effect. Store up to 6 months for consumption. This is great with ice cream or cocktails.

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 Peeled Blood Orange

Shopping List

Blood Orange

Tool List

Mason Jars, sterilized
Mason Jar lids, sterilized
A big pot
A stainless steel thong
A jar funnel



Blood Orange in Brandy

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Cooking Time: Preptime 30 minutes


  • Brandy
  • Blood oranges, skinned



Sterilize mason jars and lids.


Fill mason jars with oranges.


Fill the jar with brandy


Cover the jars with lids tightly.


Once the jars cooled, store them in a cool dark place for 2 weeks and up to 6 months for consumption.

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