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Considering to be on a low sodium diet? Want to start eating and cooking with less salt? Maybe you have already started the journey. No matter what stage of the low sodium diet you are in, HazardousKitchen.com was created just for you.

If eating less salt is not on your radar, believe it or not, you are still in the right place. We have created bountiful of delicious recipe ideas for all cooking levels. We are also sharing lots of cooking tips & tricks that you can easily adapt to your cooking style. Just add your favorite salt!

Why be on the low sodium diet? Here is why.


New to Low Sodium Diet?

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If you are new to low sodium diet or no salt added cooking, we suggest reading all topics listed above starting with Low Sodium Diet Basics.

When we initially embarked on this journey about a decade ago, as writing of this post, we faced plenty of challenges including eating out, food shopping, cooking at home, social gathering, family support, etc, the list goes one. It was a bit overwhelming in the beginning.

Eventually, we figured out what, how, dos, don’ts and the overwhelming feelings went away. Not only we came up with solutions and make changes that worked well for us, we made the low sodium diet journey fun for us.

Here, we share topics on potential health benefits, reading labels, shopping, dining out, social gatherings, support and simple low sodium cooking that you definitely won’t want to miss.

After reading about the challenges we had and the solutions we came up with, if you ever encounter similar challenges, you will be able to come up with your own solutions and adopt to them quickly.

Keep in mind, our bodies and life around us are vastly different. What worked for us may not work the same for you. Most importantly, you need to listen to your body, trust what it tells you and be in touch with your inner self in order to reach the ideal result. Nothing else will.
We hope by sharing our low sodium diet journey and no salt added cooking will help you to make the transition a little easier and more fun so you can start to enjoying your new dietary endeavor.

Together, in the low sodium world, we will feel simply good, mind and body, and continue to enjoying the life we live.

To good life!

Iris & Robert 


Already on Board with Low Sodium Diet

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Click on the links here to explore our delicious low sodium recipes for all level of cooking experience, eating ideas, cooking tips and tricks. We would love for you to share your cooking experience, tips, tricks or your versions of our recipes with us in the comment section or on Instagram, @hazardouskitchen, or our Twitter private group, @HKLoSo (for these who prefer more privacy). We want to see what you whip up in your kitchen!


Well Seasoned with Low Sodium Diet?

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Congrats! It is time to explore new ideas, share & inspire others. The links above in this section, you will find cooking projects that are fun to cook with or without the family. Create your version & share the experience in the comment section below or tag us on Instagram, @hazardouskitchen, or our Twitter private group, @HKLoSo (for these who prefer more privacy).

One of the best part about cooking a meal is to share it with others. Don’t eat alone (virtually speaking :p ). We want to see what you made and be inspired!


Resources: Living Well with low sodium Diet

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Check out the resources we have complied for you for easy reference.